List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand

My mission is to create a list of ALL the food trucks in New Zealand. Why I love Food Trucks.

Have I missed one? Add a missing Food Truck to the list.

Are you organising an event and want food trucks for catering? Read the FAQ’s + invite food trucks to contact you.

Northland Food Trucks

  1. (Kaeo) Out And About Cafe [Facebook]
  2. (Bay of Islands) The Wandering Food Co [Facebook]
  3. (Mangawhai) Black Stag Streetfood [Facebook]

Auckland Food Trucks

  1. Paella Pan [Facebook]

    Susana Silva Tristan / 021 740 884 /
  2. Food Truck Garage
  3. The Lucky Taco
  4. The Viet Sandwich
  5. Tinman
  6. Dixie Barbecue
  7. Maidstone Burgers [Facebook]
    • / 021 0250 1385 /
  8. Kraken Crumpets [Facebook]
  9. Mama Tahina [Facebook]
  10. Little Yellow Food Truck [Facebook]
  11. Che Lucio Woodfired BBQ [Facebook]
  12. Brooklyn Dogs [Facebook]
  13. The Roaming Dive [Facebook]
  14. Achos [Facebook]
  15. The Tin Kitchen [Facebook]
  16. Sweet Val Ice Cream [Facebook]
  17. The Bearded Clam [Facebook]
  18. The Pie Piper [Facebook]
  19. Project Paco [Facebook]
  20. Ryans Kitchen [Facebook]
  21. Chicken Box [Facebook]
  22. Urban Escargot [Facebook]
  23. Fired Pizzz Company [Facebook]
  24. The White Lady [Facebook]
  25. Retro Events (Bar) [Facebook]
  26. Fritz Wieners [Facebook]
  27. Stumpy’s FoodTuck [Facebook]
  28. Naanz [Facebook]
  29. Go Go Mexico [Facebook]
    • Pieter Kellaway / 027 527 3807
  30. Euro Snacks [Facebook]
  31. The Rolling Pin [Facebook]
  32. Got Pasta [Facebook]
  33. Hail Elsie [Facebook]
  34. The Fab Truck [Facebook]
  35. Sabores Empanadas and Churros [Facebook]
  36. The Tinman Van [Facebook]
  37. [Facebook]
  38. Homegrown Food Truck [Facebook
  39. RAWE Organic Smoothie Bar [Facebook]
  40. Island BBQ [Facebook] Manukau
  41. A Sweet Life [Facebook] West Harbour
  42. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  43. Temaki Truck [Facebook]
  44. Pork ‘N’ Beans [Facebook]
  45. Lime Juice Bar
  46. Picnic Box [Facebook]
  47. Clean Food Kitchen [Facebook] Wholefood, Vegan, GF
  48. Black Stag Deli [Facebook]

Hamilton Food Trucks

  1. Sawadee Thai Food Truck [Facebook]
    • 021 685 195
  2. Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd [Facebook]
  3. The Strawberry Farm
    • (07) 859 1380 / Real Fruit Ice Cream Trailer from Punnet
  4. The Food Box [Facebook]
  5. Conny’s Bulgogi [no details!]
  6. Food Matters Ltd [Facebook]
    • 021 520 777
  7. Mizzoni Pizza
  8. Toro Churro [Facebook]
  9. Stickman [no details!]
  10. The CoolStore [Facebook]
  11. Naanz [Facebook]
  12. Jaks Food [Facebook]
  13. Elsies Coffee Stop [Facebook]
  14. Musselman [no details!]
  15. Juantanamera [no details!]

Other Food Trucks in The Waikato

  1. Arapuni Picnic Caravan [Facebook] Arapuni
  2.  Chill Out Matamata

Tauranga Food Trucks

  1. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  2. Tag Burger Truck [Facebook]
  3. Dutch Queen [Facebook]
  4. Food By Design [Facebook]
  5. El Mono Loco [Facebook]
  6. Tias Tacos [Facebook]
  7. Real Italian Doughnuts [Facebook]
  8. Mr Jackson’s Plant Based Food [Facebook]
  9. The Coffee Wagon [Facebook]
  10. Garden of Eden [Facebook]
  11. Pure Jungle Acai [Facebook]
  12. Banger Boys [Facebook]
  13. NZ Crepes
  14. Soul Bowl [Facebook]
  15. Southern Fries [Facebook]
  16. The Gourmet Picnic [Facebook]
  17. The Milk Bar [Facebook] Real fruit ice cream and desserts
  18. The Ice Cream Truck [Facebook]
  19. Bean Around Cafe [Facebook]
  20. Coffee Chic [Facebook]

Taranaki Food Trucks

  1. Mini Donuts Taranaki

Taupo Food Trucks

  1. Gracey Jane’s Kitchen [Facebook]
  2. Lula’s Empanadas [Facebook]

Wellington Food Trucks

  1. Moore Wilson’s Chook Wagon [Facebook]
  2. Ekim Burgers [Facebook]
  3. Origin – Gourmet Food Shack  [Facebook]
  4. The Greek Food Truck [Facebook] Affordable, delicious Greek food

    Sophie Kasoylides / 021 049 6640 /
  5. Antojitos Taco Truck [Facebook]
  6. Lady Luck Caravan cafe [Facebook]
  7. Dutch’y Burger Joint [Facebook]
  8. Onebites Indonesian Gourmet Street Food [Facebook]
  9. Garuda Truck [Facebook]
  10. B Truck [Facebook]
  11. The Hot Wafel [Facebook]
  12. The French Kiss Cafe [Facebook]
    • Mathieu Moro + Lise Perichon
  13. La Rotisserie du Canard [Facebook]
  14. Sichuan: Spice [Facebook]
  15. Mao and Co [Facebook]
  16. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  17. Beat Kitchen [Facebook]
  18. Da Munch Box [Facebook]

Nelson / Marlborough Food Trucks

  1. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  2. JJs [Facebook]

Christchurch Food Trucks

  1. Rodi’s Spice Fusion [Facebook]
    • 027 844 1820
  2. Ceylon Kitchen [Facebook]
  3. Kiwi Churros [Facebook]
    • (03) 332 8235
  4. Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes [Facebook]
  5. Tiki Taco [Facebook]
  6. All Thingz Nice [Facebook]
  7. Five R’s Pinoy Food [Facebook
  8. Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms [Facebook]
  9. Mamacita’s [temporarily closed]
  10. Street Food [Facebook]
  11. Berry Culture [Facebook]
  12. Mama Kays [Facebook]
  13. Herba Gourmet [Facebook]
  14. The Whole Hog [Facebook]
  15. Tommy Taco [Facebook]
  16. American Delight

Other Food Trucks in Canterbury

  1. Lil Orbit Hot Mini Donuts Timaru [Facebook] Timaru

Otago Food Trucks

  1. (Wanaka) Burrito Craft [Facebook]

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25 thoughts on “List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand

  1. Hi,

    I am setting up a new construction site in the middlemore area and am looking for some one that may be interested in coming to site twice a day to offer food and drink to the guys on site. this is a two year project so good income for who ever gets in first.

  2. Hi Sheldon

    We have are Dynamite Dawgs in Hamilton. American Hot Dogs currently selling out of a Gazebo, looking to buy a Food Truck soon!

    What a great service you are doing for our industry. Keep up the good work.

    Top Dawg (aka Sharee)

  3. Kia ora Sheldon
    I am looking at starting a food truck in the auckland region i am writing to see if you can direct me to websites for licence purpose; buying second hand food trucks etc.

  4. Belair catering from Rotorua is also a mobile food caravan.
    Hot dogs, hot chips, burgers, fish and chips, candy floss and cold drinks, we are always looking for events to attend 🙂

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