List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand

My mission is to create a list of ALL the food trucks in New Zealand. Why I love Food Trucks.

Have I missed one? Add a missing Food Truck to the list.

Are you organising an event and want food trucks for catering? Read the FAQ’s + invite food trucks to contact you.

Northland Food Trucks

  1. (Kaeo) Out And About Cafe [Facebook]
  2. (Bay of Islands) The Wandering Food Co [Facebook]
  3. (Mangawhai) Black Stag Streetfood [Facebook]

Auckland Food Trucks

  1. Food Truck Garage
  2. The Lucky Taco
  3. The Viet Sandwich
  4. Tinman
  5. Dixie Barbecue
  6. Maidstone Burgers [Facebook]
    • / 021 0250 1385 /
  7. Kraken Crumpets [Facebook]
  8. Mama Tahina [Facebook]
  9. Little Yellow Food Truck [Facebook]
  10. Che Lucio Woodfired BBQ [Facebook]
  11. Brooklyn Dogs [Facebook]
  12. The Roaming Dive [Facebook]
  13. Achos [Facebook]
  14. The Tin Kitchen [Facebook]
  15. Sweet Val Ice Cream [Facebook]
  16. The Bearded Clam [Facebook]
  17. The Pie Piper [Facebook]
  18. Project Paco [Facebook]
  19. Ryans Kitchen [Facebook]
  20. Chicken Box [Facebook]
  21. Urban Escargot [Facebook]
  22. Fired Pizzz Company [Facebook]
  23. The White Lady [Facebook]
  24. Retro Events (Bar) [Facebook]
  25. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  26. Stumpy’s FoodTuck [Facebook]
  27. Naanz [Facebook]
  28. Go Go Mexico [Facebook]
    • Pieter Kellaway / 027 527 3807
  29. Euro Snacks [Facebook]
  30. The Rolling Pin [Facebook]
  31. Got Pasta [Facebook]
  32. Hail Elsie [Facebook]
  33. The Fab Truck [Facebook]
  34. Sabores Empanadas and Churros [Facebook]
  35. The Tinman Van [Facebook]
  36. [Facebook]
  37. Homegrown Food Truck [Facebook
  38. RAWE Organic Smoothie Bar [Facebook]
  39. Island BBQ [Facebook] Manukau
  40. A Sweet Life [Facebook] West Harbour
  41. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  42. Temaki Truck [Facebook]
  43. Pork ‘N’ Beans [Facebook]
  44. Lime Juice Bar [Facebook]
  45. Picnic Box [Facebook]
  46. Clean Food Kitchen [Facebook] Wholefood, Vegan, GF
  47. Black Stag Deli [Facebook]
  48. Lil’Orbit Donuts Henderson
  49. 41 Reka Kai Kart [Facebook]
  50. Europe Central Kitchen [Facebook]
  51. Double Dutch Fries [Facebook]
  52. Jesters Pies Food Truck [Facebook]

Hamilton Food Trucks

  1. Sawadee Thai Food Truck [Facebook]
    • 021 685 195
  2. Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd [Facebook]
  3. The Strawberry Farm
    • (07) 859 1380 / Real Fruit Ice Cream Trailer from Punnet
  4. The Food Box [Facebook]
  5. Conny’s Bulgogi [no details!]
  6. Food Matters Ltd [Facebook]
    • 021 520 777
  7. Mizzoni Pizza
  8. Toro Churro [Facebook]
  9. Stickman [no details!]
  10. The CoolStore [Facebook]
  11. Naanz [Facebook]
  12. Jaks Food [Facebook]
  13. Elsies Coffee Stop [Facebook]
  14. Musselman [no details!]
  15. Juantanamera [no details!]
  16. On a Roll [Facebook]
  17. Soul Food [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in The Waikato

  1. Arapuni Picnic Caravan [Facebook] Arapuni
  2.  Chill Out Matamata
  3. Greggys Gourmet Te Awamutu
  4. The Beach Hutt [FacebookTe Awamutu

Tauranga Food Trucks

  1. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  2. Tag Burger Truck [Facebook]
  3. Dutch Queen [Facebook]
  4. Food By Design [Facebook]
  5. El Mono Loco [Facebook]
  6. Tias Tacos [Facebook]
  7. Real Italian Doughnuts [Facebook]
  8. Mr Jackson’s Plant Based Food [Facebook]
  9. The Coffee Wagon [Facebook]
  10. Garden of Eden [Facebook]
  11. Pure Jungle Acai [Facebook]
  12. Banger Boys [Facebook]
  13. NZ Crepes
  14. Soul Bowl [Facebook]
  15. Southern Fries [Facebook]
  16. The Gourmet Picnic [Facebook]
  17. The Milk Bar [Facebook] Real fruit ice cream and desserts
  18. The Ice Cream Truck [Facebook]
  19. Bean Around Cafe [Facebook]
  20. Coffee Chic [Facebook]
  21. El Cartel [FacebookAuthentic Mexican Streetfood
  22. Coffeefix Coffee
  23. Hum Bowls [FacebookSmoothie bowl goodness

New Plymouth Food Trucks

  1. Mini Donuts Taranaki
  2. WestCoast Fish Company [Facebook]
  3. Kat’s Gelato & Sorbet Ice Cream Van [Facebook]
  4. Tinklebell [Facebook] Soft Serve Icecream

Taupo Food Trucks

  1. Gracey Jane’s Kitchen [Facebook]
  2. Lula’s Empanadas [Facebook]
  3. Pirate Food Company [Facebook]

Napier / Hawkes Bay / Gisbourne Food Trucks

  1. Pipi Pizza Truck [FacebookHawkes’s Bay

Palmerston North Food Trucks

  1. Te Aunteez Kai Kart [FacebookTraditional Maori Food

Wellington Food Trucks

  1. Moore Wilson’s Chook Wagon [Facebook]
  2. Ekim Burgers [Facebook]
  3. Origin – Gourmet Food Shack  [Facebook]
  4. The Greek Food Truck [Facebook] Affordable, delicious Greek food

    Sophie Kasoylides / 021 049 6640 /
  5. Antojitos Taco Truck [Facebook]
  6. Lady Luck Caravan cafe [Facebook]
  7. Dutch’y Burger Joint [Facebook]
  8. Onebites Indonesian Gourmet Street Food [Facebook]
  9. Garuda Truck [Facebook]
  10. B Truck [Facebook]
  11. The Hot Wafel [Facebook]
  12. The French Kiss Cafe [Facebook]
    • Mathieu Moro + Lise Perichon
  13. La Rotisserie du Canard [Facebook]
  14. Sichuan: Spice [Facebook]
  15. Mao and Co [Facebook]
  16. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  17. Beat Kitchen [Facebook]
  18. Da Munch Box [Facebook]
  19. Super Donut Hero [Facebook]
  20. Chiwi Catering [Facebook]
  21. The Dog House Coffee Cart / Snowie Shaved Ice

Nelson / Marlborough Food Trucks

  1. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  2. JJs [Facebook]

Christchurch Food Trucks

  1. Rodi’s Spice Fusion [Facebook]
    • 027 844 1820
  2. Ceylon Kitchen [Facebook]
  3. Kiwi Churros [Facebook]
    • (03) 332 8235
  4. Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes [Facebook]
  5. Tiki Taco [Facebook]
  6. All Thingz Nice [Facebook]
  7. Five R’s Pinoy Food [Facebook
  8. Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms [Facebook]
  9. Mamacita’s [temporarily closed]
  10. Street Food [Facebook]
  11. Berry Culture [Facebook]
  12. Mama Kays [Facebook]
  13. Herba Gourmet [Facebook]
  14. The Whole Hog [Facebook]
  15. Tommy Taco [Facebook]
  16. American Delight
  17. Fritzs Wieners
  18. Roadrunner Mobile Food [Facebook]
  19. Q Cuisine [Facebook]
  20. Malaysia Delights Street Food [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in Canterbury

  1. Lil Orbit Hot Mini Donuts Timaru [Facebook]

    Russell Cowles / 0274 949 229 /
  2. The Food Den [Facebook] Timaru

Otago Food Trucks

  1. (Wanaka) Burrito Craft [Facebook]

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31 thoughts on “List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand

  1. Hi,

    I am setting up a new construction site in the middlemore area and am looking for some one that may be interested in coming to site twice a day to offer food and drink to the guys on site. this is a two year project so good income for who ever gets in first.

  2. Hi Sheldon

    We have are Dynamite Dawgs in Hamilton. American Hot Dogs currently selling out of a Gazebo, looking to buy a Food Truck soon!

    What a great service you are doing for our industry. Keep up the good work.

    Top Dawg (aka Sharee)

      • Hi Sheldon, The Food Den (based in South Canty) attends events from Blenheim to Dunedin to Invercargill, as well as heaps of events in Queenstown/Wanaka/Central Otago. Is it possible to have our listing for those regions, too? Over the summer season probably a third of our events are in Central Otago, anyway. Thanks, Grace McGrath.

        • I’ve had that request a few times because of the nature of mobile businesses are… mobile. But for now I’m sticking with where each business is based. This way event organisers can approach food trucks near the location of their event first and then widen their search to neighbouring regions.

  3. Kia ora Sheldon
    I am looking at starting a food truck in the auckland region i am writing to see if you can direct me to websites for licence purpose; buying second hand food trucks etc.

  4. Belair catering from Rotorua is also a mobile food caravan.
    Hot dogs, hot chips, burgers, fish and chips, candy floss and cold drinks, we are always looking for events to attend 🙂

  5. Hi Sheldon, I was wondering if you knew of a company that leases food trucks out to people to use rouphly for 6 months as a pop up.
    Cheers Michael

    • Hi Michael,
      Did you manage to find anyone that leases food trucks? I’m looking for one to lease also.
      Please let me know my number is 0224133686.

  6. Hi,
    I am looking at finding a food truck or two that is in the Manawatu, Horowhenua, Rangitiki area to come along to our Foxton Market held every 2nd Saturday each month during the summer months. If anyone is keen and able please contact me on 0276008638

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