List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand

My mission is to create a list of ALL the food trucks in New Zealand. Why I love Food Trucks.

Have I missed one? Add a missing Food Truck to the list.

Are you organising an event and want food trucks for catering? Read the FAQ’s + invite food trucks to contact you.

Northland Food Trucks

  1. Out And About Cafe [FacebookKaeo
  2. The Wandering Food Co [FacebookBay of Islands
  3. Black Stag Streetfood [FacebookMangawhai
  4. Cafe de Curb [FacebookWhangarei
  5. The Kai Waka [Facebook] Whangarei
  6. Fritz’s Wieners
  7. CoastalKitchen [Facebook] Tutakaka Coast
  8. Gringas [Facebook] Mangawhai
  9. Mister Bakers [Facebook] Maungatapere
  10. Madame B Whangarei
  11. Handsome Frog Cafe (Mobile) [Facebook] Whangarei
  12. Lola’s Kitchen Northland
  13. The Well Cafe on wheels [Facebook] Ruawai

Auckland Food Trucks

  1. The Lucky Taco [Facebook]
  2. Luscious Slushi [Facebook] Slushi Machine Rental For Events
  3. Food Truck Garage
  4. The Viet Sandwich
  5. Tinman
  6. Maidstone Burgers [Facebook]
    • / 021 0250 1385 /
  7. Kraken Crumpets [Facebook]
  8. Mama Tahina [Facebook]
  9. Little Yellow Food Truck [Facebook]
  10. Che Lucio Woodfired BBQ [Facebook]
  11. Brooklyn Dogs [Facebook]
  12. The Roaming Dive [Facebook]
  13. Achos [Facebook]
  14. The Tin Kitchen [Facebook]
  15. The Pie Piper [Facebook]
  16. Project Paco [Facebook]
  17. Ryans Kitchen [Facebook]
  18. Chicken Box [Facebook]
  19. Urban Escargot [Facebook]
  20. Fired Pizzz Company [Facebook]
  21. The White Lady [Facebook]
  22. Retro Events (Bar) [Facebook]
  23. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
  24. Stumpy’s FoodTuck [Facebook]
  25. Go Go Mexico [Facebook]
    • Pieter Kellaway / 027 527 3807
  26. The Rolling Pin [Facebook]
  27. Got Pasta [Facebook]
  28. Sabores Empanadas and Churros [Facebook]
  29. Espresso Effect [Facebook]
  30. The Tinman Van [Facebook]
  31. [Facebook]
  32. Homegrown Food Truck [Facebook
  33. A Sweet Life [Facebook] West Harbour
  34. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  35. Temaki Truck [Facebook]
  36. Pork ‘N’ Beans [Facebook]
  37. Picnic Box [Facebook]
  38. Clean Food Kitchen [Facebook] Wholefood, Vegan, GF
  39. Black Stag Deli [Facebook]
  40. Lil’Orbit Donuts Henderson
  41. Donut Express [Facebook]
  42. Churro Xpress [Facebook]
  43. 41 Reka Kai Kart [Facebook]
  44. Europe Central Kitchen [Facebook]
  45. Double Dutch Fries [Facebook]
  46. Wise Boys Burgers [Facebook] Meat-Free Burgers
  47. Jesters Pies Food Truck [Facebook]
  48. The Marilyn [Facebook]
  49. Casa Del Gelato Mobile [Facebook] gelato ice-cream
  50. Petit Coeur [Facebook]
  51. Flags Meet Together We Eat / African Food
  52. Napoli Central (La Vera Pizza Napoletana) [Facebook]
  53. Hungri Hunter
  54. Mr Dog Frites [FacebookLoaded Gourmet Hotdogs
  55. Drifter Coffee NZ [Facebook]
  56. The Kombase [Facebook]
  57. Gelato Roma Auckland [FacebookItalian Gelato & Sorbet
  58. Playdough Pizza [Facebook]
  59. Olas Latin Food [FacebookGluten Free Arepas
  60. Chefs On Wheels
  61. Rollin Balls [Facebook]
  62. Oh My Cheese Raclette [Facebook]
  63. Pita Pit Mobile Unit
  64. Crepes Creations [Facebook]
  65. Double Parked [Facebook]
  66. I Love Crepes [Facebook] Waiheke Island
  67. Pasta Masta [Facebook]
  68. Amaranto Pasta&Cucina [Facebook]
  69. Brotisserie [Facebook]
  70. Paella Pan [Facebook]
  71. Canteen Srisoma [Facebook]
    • Kalyani Oruganti / / 021 258 1064
  72. Hey Presto Catering [Facebook]
  73. Sweet As Bowl [Facebook]
  74. Geovinny Indian
  75. Sweet As Crepes [Facebook]
  76. The Food Truck Company
  77. The Back Up Mobile Kitchen
  78. Inferno
  79. Ginza Teppanyaki [Facebook]
  80. Gizza‘ Spud

Hamilton Food Trucks

  1. Sawadee Thai Food Truck [Facebook]
    • 021 685 195
  2. Cornish Pasties (NZ) Ltd [Facebook]
  3. The Strawberry Farm
    • (07) 859 1380 / Real Fruit Ice Cream Trailer from Punnet
  4. The Food Box [Facebook]
  5. Conny’s Bulgogi [no details!]
  6. Food Matters Ltd [Facebook]
    • 021 520 777
  7. Mizzoni Pizza
  8. Toro Churro [Facebook]
  9. Espresso Effect [Facebook]
  10. Stickman [no details!]
  11. The CoolStore [Facebook]
  12. Musselman [no details!]
  13. Juantanamera [no details!]
  14. On a Roll [Facebook]
  15. Soul Food [Facebook]
  16. Andi’s [FacebookReal fruit ice cream
  17. Fritz’s Wieners
  18. Dynamite Dawgs [Facebook]
  19. Unique Food Geeks [Facebook]
  20. Roam Food Caravan [Facebook]
  21. Citrus & Honey [Facebook]
  22. Duck Island Ice Cream [Facebook]
  23. Phat Pattie [Facebook]
  24. Loco Mexicano
  25. Lettie’s Coffee Stop
  26. Handinhand Cafe on the Go [Facebook]
  27. Get Loaded
  28. Donut Express [Facebook]
  29. Churro Xpress [Facebook]
  30. Miss Bangkok [Facebook]
  31. Hoft Withers [Facebook]
  32. Hemas Delight
  33. “Lechon” Philippines Crispy Pork Belly [Facebook]
    • Marly Baldia / / 021 0226 0038 / Instagram
  34. Mandy’s Dutchies [Facebook]
  35. Las Mexicanas [Facebook]
  36. Poppi and Co [Facebook]
  37. The White Bullet [Facebook]
  38. Pasta Fresca [Facebook]
  39. Happy Food [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in The Waikato

  1. Arapuni Picnic Caravan [Facebook] Arapuni
  2.  Chill Out Matamata
  3. Greggys Gourmet [FacebookTe Awamutu
  4. The Beach Hutt [FacebookTe Awamutu
  5. Oh Boy! Tacos! [FacebookCoromandel
  6. The Juice Bar [Facebook] Coromandel
  7. T.R.EATS [Facebook] Waikato
  8. Coffee & Cakeaway [Facebook] Tokoroa
    • Ray Adlam / / 021 292 8190

Tauranga Food Trucks

  1. D’Vine Grindz [Facebook]

    Glenn Tuahine / / 021 165 4043
  2. Tag Burger Truck [Facebook]
  3. Dutch Queen [Facebook]
  4. Food By Design [Facebook]
  5. El Mono Loco [Facebook]
    • Daniel Clemens / 0274765084 /
  6. Tias Tacos [Facebook]
  7. Real Italian Doughnuts [Facebook]
  8. Mr Jackson’s Plant Based Food [Facebook]
  9. The Coffee Wagon [Facebook]
  10. Garden of Eden [Facebook]
  11. Pure Jungle Acai [Facebook]
  12. Banger Boys [Facebook]
  13. NZ Crepes
  14. Soul Bowl [Facebook]
  15. Southern Fries [Facebook]
  16. The Gourmet Picnic [Facebook]
  17. The Milk Bar [Facebook]
  18. The Ice Cream Truck [Facebook]
  19. Bean Around Cafe [Facebook]
  20. Coffee Chic [Facebook]
  21. El Cartel [FacebookAuthentic Mexican Streetfood
  22. Coffeefix Coffee
  23. Donut Express [Facebook]
  24. Churro Xpress [Facebook]
  25. Hum Bowls [FacebookSmoothie bowl goodness
  26. The Sandbank [FacebookEspresso, Superfood Smoothies, Ice Cream
  27. Sushi Panda [Facebook] Made-to-order Sushi with Chilean flavours
  28. Gelato Roma Tauranga [FacebookItalian Gelato & Sorbet
  29. The Homegrown Kitchen [Facebook]
  30. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  31. Top BBQ [Facebook]
  32. Papamoa Lions Club Caravan [Facebook]
  33. Kiwicones [Facebook]
  34. Hashtag Street Food [Facebook]
  35. Kenny Johns Food Truck
  36. Saigon Corner [Facebook]
  37. Head Loco [Facebook]
  38. Espresso Effect [Facebook]
  39. Flatbread Jack
  40. Aloha Poke [Facebook]
  41. Heat Caravan
  42. Ichiban Authentic Japanese St Food [Facebook]
  43. So Deline Gelato [Facebook]
  44. Lil’Orbits Tauranga [Facebook]
  45. The Scoop Mobile [Facebook] Gelato

Rotorua Food Trucks

  1. Espresso Effect [Facebook]
  2. Tasty Bits Mobile Event Catering [Facebook]
  3. Tea & Happiness [FacebookVegan, RAW and Fermented Food
  4. Sum-ahh Chill
  5. Stone Soup

Other Food Trucks in The Bay of Plenty

  1. Lil Orbits Donuts [Facebook] Whakatane

New Plymouth Food Trucks

  1. Mini Donuts Taranaki [Facebook]
  2. WestCoast Fish Company [Facebook]
  3. Kat’s Gelato & Sorbet Ice Cream Van [Facebook]
  4. Tinklebell [Facebook] Soft Serve Icecream
  5. Infused Mobile Kitchen [Facebook]
  6. La Petite Cabane [Facebook]
  7. Donut Express [Facebook]
  8. Churro Xpress [Facebook]
  9. Opunake Dairy Mobile Coffee Trailers [Facebook]
  10. Bratwurst Bros [Facebook]
  11. BBG Barista & Bar [Facebook]
  12. South African Bok Shop on Wheels [Facebook]
  13. Flo-Jo Coffee Cart [Facebook]

Taupo Food Trucks

  1. Gracey Jane’s Kitchen [Facebook]
  2. Lula’s Empanadas [Facebook]
  3. Pirate Food Company [Facebook]
  4. Wakapies
  5. Copper and Cream [Facebook]
  6. Constables Kitchen [Facebook]

Hawkes Bay / Napier Food Trucks

  1. Pipi Pizza Truck [FacebookHawke’s Bay
  2. Mr Candys Ice Cream [Facebook] Napier
  3. Shani’s Rib Shack [FacebookHawke’s Bay
  4. Rocket Science Turkish Kebabs [Facebook] Hawke’s Bay
  5. Indulgence Catering Gourmet BBQ Hawke’s Bay
  6. Vagabond Jacks [Facebook] Hawkes Bay
  7. Piku Izakaya Japanese [Facebook]
  8. The Daily Grind [Facebook] Hawkes Bay
  9. Indolicious NZ [Facebook] Hawkes Bay
  10. Wild New Zealand Food [Facebook] Hawkes Bay
  11. Jack Frost Ice Cream [Facebook] Hawkes Bay

Palmerston North Food Trucks

  1. Te Aunteez Kai Kart [FacebookTraditional Maori Food
  2. The Evil Stepson [Facebook]
  3. Jean Jeanie Caramel Apples [Facebook]
  4. Meat Candy BBQ [Facebook]
  5. Dos Locos Taco Mexican Street Food [Facebook]
  6. Beaver and Bear [Facebook]
  7. Cherry Lane [Facebook] Feilding
  8. Scooptruck [Facebook]
  9. Smoke ‘N’ Float [Facebook]
    • Maani / / 021 205 5773 / Twitter
  10. The Crafted & Co [Facebook]
    • Kelly Melody / / 027 4193 264 / Instagram
  11. Fiore Coffee Van [Facebook]
  12. Sinergy NZ [Facebook] Plant Based Food & Coffee
  13. Fast Fuel Catering [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in Manawatu-Whanganui

  1. Peza’s Pit Stop [Facebook]
  2. Waffalicious [Facebook] Ohakune

Wellington Food Trucks

  1. Firebird [Facebook]
  2. Moore Wilson’s Chook Wagon [Facebook]
  3. Ekim Burgers [Facebook]
  4. Origin – Gourmet Food Shack  [Facebook]
  5. Lady Luck Caravan cafe [Facebook]
  6. Dutch’y Burger Joint [Facebook]
  7. Onebites Indonesian Gourmet Street Food [Facebook]
  8. Garuda Truck [Facebook]
  9. B Truck [Facebook]
  10. The Hot Wafel [Facebook]
  11. The French Kiss Cafe [Facebook]
    • Mathieu Moro + Lise Perichon
  12. Sichuan: Spice [Facebook]
  13. Mao and Co [Facebook]
  14. Fritz’s Wieners [Facebook]
    • Jeremy Mikoz / / 022 171 4090
  15. Da Munch Box [Facebook]
  16. Super Donut Hero [Facebook]
  17. Chiwi Catering [Facebook]
  18. The Dog House Coffee Cart / Snowie Shaved Ice
  19. House of Dumplings [Facebook]
  20. The Classic and Co [Facebook]
  21. The Greek Food Truck [Facebook] Affordable, delicious Greek food
  22. Indo PLUS Food Truck
  23. The Juicery
  24. Wilson Barbecue [Facebook]
    • Casey Wilson / / 021 299 6524
    • Instagram
  25. Donut Express [Facebook]
  26. Churro Xpress [Facebook]
  27. Montfoort [Facebook]
  28. Da Munch Box
  29. Kickflip Pizza [Facebook]
  30. Brahman [Facebook]
    • Shree Balasubramaniam / / 021 118 1034 / Twitter
  31. Good Vibes Coffee and Food [Facebook]
  32. Daisy Days [Facebook]
  33. Ketoto [Facebook]
  34. Mariana’s Kitchen [Facebook]
  35. Roaming Yeti [Facebook]
  36. Original Chaiwalla [Facebook] tea
    • Rahul Minhas / / 0210 839 4013 / Instagram

Nelson Food Trucks

  1. Döner Cult [Facebook] Nelson
  2. Beat Kitchen [Facebook] Nelson
  3. Stellar Kai Richmond

Other Food Trucks in Marlborough

  1. JJs [Facebook] Blenheim
  2. Brewed Awakenings Coffee & Food Cart [Facebook] Blenheim

Christchurch Food Trucks

  1. ALT Kitchen Ltd [Facebook]
  2. Ceylon Kitchen [Facebook]
  3. Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes [Facebook]
  4. Tiki Taco [Facebook]
  5. All Thingz Nice [Facebook]
  6. Five R’s Pinoy Food [Facebook
  7. Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms [Facebook]
  8. Berry Culture [Facebook] Open in summer
  9. Mama Kays [Facebook]
  10. Herba Gourmet [Facebook]
  11. The Whole Hog [Facebook]
  12. American Delight
  13. Fritzs Wieners
  14. Roadrunner Mobile Food [Facebook]
  15. Malaysia Delights Street Food [Facebook]
  16. Yanni’s a Bite of Yumminess [Facebook]
  17. Soul Food Trailer [Facebook]
  18. Kettle Korn Christchurch [Facebook]
  19. Coffee Vice [Facebook]
  20. El Quincho NZ [FacebookArgentinian BBQ – Wood Fired Food
  21. Coffee A la Cart [Facebook]
  22. Hunger & Thirst Mobile Cafe [Facebook]
  23. Nanny’s Food Truck [Facebook]
  24. Liberty Dogs [Facebook]
  25. Waffle Mania [Facebook]
  26. Gelatiamo [Facebook]
  27. World Cuisine [Facebook]
  28. Empire Chicken [Facebook]
  29. Berry Healthy Real Fruit Ice Cream
  30. Crepes Creation [Facebook]
  31. Lil Orbits Canterbury Ltd [Facebook]
  32. Sushi Mum
    • Kerrie O’Donnell / / 027 411 9757
  33. Towbar Burgers [Facebook] Rangiora / Amberley
  34. Vineyard Valley Food Cart Waipara Junction
  35. Little Hungary
  36. Easy Cheesy [Facebook]
    • Yanina Nanni / / 027 779 9863

Other Food Trucks in Canterbury

  1. Lil Orbit Hot Mini Donuts Timaru [Facebook]
  2. The Food Den [Facebook] Timaru
  3. Wheel Food Temuka
  4. YesChef Events & Catering [Facebook] Ashburton
  5. La Rangis Pizzeria [Facebook] Akaroa
  6. The Rollin’ Pedaler [Facebook]
    • Laura Proudman / / 021 0885 1250 / Instagram

West Coast (South Island, NZ) Food Trucks

  1. Kiwiana Kai [Facebook] Haast

Wanaka Food Trucks

  1. Burrito Craft [FacebookWanaka
  2. Charlie Brown Crepes
  3. Burrito Craft
  4. FastFatChef Pizza
  5. Firebird [Facebook] Wanaka
  6. Rakau Wood Fire Pizzas [Facebook] Wanaka
  7. Francesca’s Pizzas [Facebook]

Queenstown Food Trucks

  1. Truck Norris Texas BBQ [Facebook] Queenstown
  2. Taco Medic
  3. The Gourmet Hangi Kitchen
  4. Eriks Fish and Chips
  5. Suzette’s Crepes
  6. Burrito Magic
  7. Chilato Real Fruit Ice Cream and Coffee
  8. Pofferjtes People
  9. Tahuna Dogs
  10. The Banh Van [Facebook] Cromwell
  11. Vice Cream [Facebook] Queenstown
    • Hana Deavoll / / 021 0259 3808 / Instagram
  12. Popngales [Facebook] Cromwell
  13. Formosa Fried [Facebook]
  14. Tradie Food Co [Facebook]

Dunedin Food Trucks

  1. Churros Olé! [Facebook] Dunedin
  2. Coolaz Events Catering [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in Otago

  1. The Frymonger [Facebook]

Other Food Trucks in Southland

  1. Fin and Feather Eatery [Facebook]

62 thoughts on “List of ALL the Food Trucks in New Zealand”

  1. Hi,

    I am setting up a new construction site in the middlemore area and am looking for some one that may be interested in coming to site twice a day to offer food and drink to the guys on site. this is a two year project so good income for who ever gets in first.

    1. Hi James
      Are you still looking for someone to come with a food truck to your site ?
      We are interested in that
      Argentine Fast Food

  2. Hi Sheldon,

    There’s a new one we found at Frank Kitts Park in Welly.
    Asian- dumplings. Mao and Co.


  3. Hi Sheldon

    We have are Dynamite Dawgs in Hamilton. American Hot Dogs currently selling out of a Gazebo, looking to buy a Food Truck soon!

    What a great service you are doing for our industry. Keep up the good work.

    Top Dawg (aka Sharee)

      1. Hi Sheldon, The Food Den (based in South Canty) attends events from Blenheim to Dunedin to Invercargill, as well as heaps of events in Queenstown/Wanaka/Central Otago. Is it possible to have our listing for those regions, too? Over the summer season probably a third of our events are in Central Otago, anyway. Thanks, Grace McGrath.

        1. I’ve had that request a few times because of the nature of mobile businesses are… mobile. But for now I’m sticking with where each business is based. This way event organisers can approach food trucks near the location of their event first and then widen their search to neighbouring regions.

  4. Kia ora Sheldon
    I am looking at starting a food truck in the auckland region i am writing to see if you can direct me to websites for licence purpose; buying second hand food trucks etc.

  5. Belair catering from Rotorua is also a mobile food caravan.
    Hot dogs, hot chips, burgers, fish and chips, candy floss and cold drinks, we are always looking for events to attend 🙂

  6. Hi Sheldon, I was wondering if you knew of a company that leases food trucks out to people to use rouphly for 6 months as a pop up.
    Cheers Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      Did you manage to find anyone that leases food trucks? I’m looking for one to lease also.
      Please let me know my number is 0224133686.

  7. Hi,
    I am looking at finding a food truck or two that is in the Manawatu, Horowhenua, Rangitiki area to come along to our Foxton Market held every 2nd Saturday each month during the summer months. If anyone is keen and able please contact me on 0276008638

      1. Hi Sheldon 🙂

        Yes definitely a business opportunity, so I may be contacting you in the near future about putting it up on your site.

        Thank you so much for the info 😀

  8. Hi.

    Wondering if any food truck would be interested in catering on site at a Rocket Launch Range, in Mahia, during a launch campaign?
    Feeding 25-40 technicians during the day, three meals a day.
    Scope to head to the local beach in between days, to cater to locals, bach dwellers and tourists….

    We launch, you lunch….

  9. Hi Sheldon

    No fixed dates at this stage, would be for third launch early next year.

    Just gathering interest, and figuring logistics at this point.

    If food truckies wouldn’t mind posting contact details, I will definitely get in touch with you… 🙂


    1. Good news Dezz: Their contact details are already listed on this site. The first step is for you to set the date, so get that sorted and then we can help. A real time saver for you is to send your event details to my entire database of Food Trucks. Find out more

  10. We got an authentic South Indian food truck located in Maunu, Whangarei called Diversity.The taste on wheels ltd.

  11. Hi I am looking for food trucks to cater for a wedding in Queenstown in September for roughly 80-90 people. Preferably pizza or taco/mexican. We are finding it very hard to find anything.
    If anyone has any recommendations that would be great.


  12. Hi have a number of Food Trucks available for the Queenstown Lakes area
    Burrito Magic
    The Gourmet Hangi Kitchen
    Chilato Real Fruit Ice Cream and Coffee
    Pofferjtes People
    Lil Orbit Donuts Queenstown
    Tāhuna Dogs
    Rakau Wood Fire Pizza
    And a few more

  13. Hi, I’m a student from New Zealand making my last term paper for Strategic Business Plan for SME (small-medium enterprise). I’m currently working on my Business Plan of putting up a food truck at the heart of Auckland. As part of my project, would like to ask a few question like what are the requirements and licenses and where to get it as compliance in order to put up such business?

    1. Hi Ken. Every local council has their own rules and requirements. You’ll need to reach out to them.

  14. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a truck (prefer a truck rather than a trailer) already converted, ideally in the bay of plenty but will travel the north island. Or potentially lease one until next April.
    If anyone has one available.

  15. Hi, I’m looking for a coffee and ice cream caravan/cart with gas capabilities, fitted out like a mini kitchen with inside equipment. Open for offers. South Island please. Thanks. Stanley (

  16. Hi there – I am the Secretary for the Helensville A&P Association. Our event is on the 23rd of February 2019. We had one cancellation and are looking for a food truck with either Indian, Chinese, or different than just hot chips and hot dogs. Please email if you are interested. Thank you. Merle

  17. hi just like to know if anyone has a food truck they would rent out to me on a saturday,with cooking facilities.(truck only)wellington region.cheers

  18. To start operating you simply need to apply for a Food Control Plan with the QLDC and decide what you want to cook or sell from the location.NEW custom built food trailer. Fully hot dipped chassis with NZ made quality Trojan trailer parts used throughout

    50mm Insulated Panels used for wall and roof

    Cart Body Dimensions (Outer): L290 x W210x H210CM
    Dimensions on Trailer: L440 x W210x H250CM
    Weight: Approximately : 900KG
    1.Chassis and Frame: High strength Hot dip galvanized square tubes chassis and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coatingand; 4 jacks (extended legs); Wheels: Single axle with mechanical braking system and 2 tyres; One Big Lifting Guide Pulley; Drawbar: Tractor drawbar with safety ball headed coupling, One stainless steel box(500*800*800) for gas tanks on the front draw bar; Dual towing chains for safety and security while towing; High visibility LED tail light signal system
    2.Body: Glass Re-enforced Panel (GRP) with intermediate heat insulation polystyrene in the middle; One Sliding glass window with gas lift up board; One entry back door with lock
    3.Double sinks supply hot and cold water; One unit of hot water heater; One 100L fresh water tank and one 100L waste water tank which will be fixed on the chassis
    price include all appliances
    -Stainless steel range hood with filters and fans
    -One Two door bench fridge(Half fridge/Half Freezer)
    – blue seal deep-fryer
    -3 years WOF and rego
    -gas box with gas

  19. Hi all

    I are organising a three day music/ Food festival to be held in Taupo over the New year period 29,30,31st of Dec. Day one of the event will be a fusion food festival running from 12 noon through to Mid night accompanied with live music this event will have a capacity to seat up to 200 people however being a free community event people will come and go throughout the day. We have spaces for 8 food vendors for this day, however no two food trucks will be the same. We will also look to keep on a ice cream truck for Days two & three which will be a family focused event on the 30th with activities throughout the day finished with an open air cinema at night and finally day three a New years eve celebration with a huge fireworks display and a line up of some of New Zealands top dj’s. If this interest you could you please get back to me and we can talk further:

    Thank you

  20. hi there, i added our food trailer, WILD NEW ZEALAND FOOD

    We had this before and we sold the trailer in 2017 and now we have new one and ready on the road again

    Our Menu whitebait fritters, Venison burger/sandiwich
    From The Mountains and The sea, We Serve to You…..

    This our the link article about our Wild new zealand food in heraldnews

  21. 2019 NZ New Custom built, twin-axle Caravan. $45,000 ono
    L3 x W2.3 x H2.3 metres
    Excellent graphics on the vehicle, bright and eye-catching.
    This caravan is set up to sell Ice-Creams, Hot-Dogs, Coffee, Milkshakes, Smoothies and other drinks.
    Duel serving windows so can sell from either side of the caravan.

    Included is a:
    Petrol Generator (Titan 10KVA)
    Flavorama Real Fruit Ice Cream Blending Machine.
    Hot-Dog steamer-warmer.
    Duel cup coffee machine. Uses coffee pods for quick no hassle coffee’s. Makes a really good coffee!
    Hayman Twin Milkshake Machine.
    Blender for fruit smoothies.
    Fridge for milk, soft drinks, etc.
    Freshwater pump and hand basin.
    Removable Tow-bar.
    Advertising Flags and stands.
    Lots of extra’s included. Everything you need to get you started.

  22. Hi,
    I am looking for my cousin, Christophe, from French origin, who is living in NZ and I have lost trace because he changed his name. I know he had a pizza truck business 15 years ago and is aged between 45 and 50. Thankz

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