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Hi, my name is Sheldon Nesdale and I love food trucks!

When I say “Food Truck” I’m talking about “Mobile Food Vendors” run out of a food truck or van, a campervan or bus, a caravan or trailer. Not a tent, stall or gazebo.

I love food trucks for 4 reasons:

  1. They are delicious and gourmet
    • You just can’t get their food anywhere else
    • You know their food is amazing and unique because the un-tasty, un-original ones go out of business quick because word gets around
  2. They are great value for money
    • They are not “cheap” but they are certainly cheaper than a restaurant or cafe
    • They do save money not paying for a building, but they only make their money in short bursts a few times a week when they have a crowd of people
  3. They are mobile
    • You might see your favourites at the next event you go to, or a new food truck to try
  4. They are fun! They often have:
    • A really fun attitude
    • Excellent service
    • Bold colours and designs in their signage
    • Creative names of their dishes
    • It’s even fun queuing up for one because they have such a buzz about them

I’m on a mission to create a list of ALL the food trucks in New Zealand.

There are 6 ways you can help:

  1. If I’m missing a Food Truck, add it to my list
  2. Tell your friends about LoveFoodTrucks.nz
  3. Tell the Food Truck owners that you found out about them from LoveFoodTrucks.nz
  4. Share the LoveFoodTrucks.nz Facebook page
  5. You can buy / sell your Food Truck here
  6. If your running an event, invite Food Trucks to join you here


Sheldon Nesdale

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