Invite Food Trucks To Your Event

Want to invite Food Trucks to your event/opportunity?

Would you like me to send out an email to my database of 270+ NZ Food Trucks?

The cost is $120+gst (payable in advance).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do you send out the email to your entire database?”

  • For major events with months of advanced notice, and to lower North Island events, I send it to my entire list
  • For upper North Island events, I send it to my North Island list of Food Trucks
  • For South Island events, I send it to my South Island list of Food Trucks

Q: “How many phonecalls / emails will I get?”

  • I handle all the apologies (I get about 100 over a 3 day period), so you get only the interested food trucks following your instructions
  • The number of phonecalls / emails you will get depends on:
    • The type of event
    • They types of food appropriate for the audience
    • The size of the audience
    • Your events location
    • How much notice you provide (the more time the better)

Example of What I’ll Email Out On Your Behalf:

Testimonial: Anouchka Dearlove

“Thanks heaps Sheldon at LoveFoodTrucks, You rock!! I had become just a little desperate a week out from my daughter’s wedding day when I hadn’t managed to lock in the catering!! 80 starving guests on her big day was NOT an option!

We definitely wanted Food Trucks as part of the atmosphere of their Wedding, but it is very time consuming locating each truck you like, finding contact details, emailing each one all the info, waiting for a reply and then repeating the process multiple times!! I work full-time and full-on, so not such a viable option at all!

Then I discovered Sheldon…Hallelujah! I sent him an SOS late at night, he replied in record time and within 12hrs I was being flooded with calls, emails, texts, menus and options galore to work with us and feed our friends and family!

I couldn’t stress just how much this service is invaluable in ANY event planning! Sheldon, LoveFoodTrucks is Genius and I hope you reach dizzy heights of success, you deserve it! Best of luck with everything, I will recommend you to everyone and support this fantastic endeavour!!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!”

– Mother-of-the-bride, Anouchka

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