30 Tauranga Food Trucks

Here’s my list of ALL the food trucks in Tauranga.

Have I missed one? Add it to the list using the comments section below.

Tauranga Food Trucks

  1. Smashed Strawbs [Facebook]
  2. Tag Burger Truck [Facebook]
  3. Tias Tacos [Facebook]
  4. Real Italian Doughnuts [Facebook]
  5. Mr Jackson’s Plant Based Food [Facebook]
  6. The Coffee Wagon [Facebook]
  7. Pure Jungle Acai [Facebook]
  8. Soul Bowl [Facebook]
  9. D’Vine Grindz [Facebook]
  10. Sushi Panda [Facebook] Made-to-order Sushi with Chilean flavours
  11. Gelato Roma Tauranga [FacebookItalian Gelato & Sorbet
  12. The Homegrown Kitchen [Facebook]
  13. The Big Smoke BBQ [Facebook]
  14. Top BBQ [Facebook]
  15. Hashtag Street Food [Facebook]
  16. Kenny Johns Food Truck [Facebook]
  17. Saigon Corner [Facebook]
  18. Head Loco [Facebook]
  19. Flatbread Jack
  20. Aloha Poke
  21. Heat Caravan
  22. Ichiban Authentic Japanese St Food [Facebook]
  23. Lil’Orbits Tauranga [Facebook]
  24. The Burger Lab [Facebook]
  25. Be Cool Real Fruit Ice Cream [Facebook]
  26. Puro Sabor [Facebook]
  27. Hungry Flame [Facebook]
  28. Bok Bok [Facebook]
  29. Kellys Food & Coffee Truck [Facebook]
  30. Fikâ
  31. Black&Orange Catering [Facebook]

Your Thoughts?

What do you think? Which one is your favourite? Have I missed one? Have your say in the comments below

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