29 Christchurch Food Trucks

Here’s my list of ALL the food trucks in Christchurch.

Have I missed one? Add it to the list using the comments section below.

Christchurch Food Trucks

  1. ALT Kitchen Ltd [Facebook]

    Raf Swebozinski / chef@altkitchen.co.nz / 0275 (TXT ALT) 898 258
  2. Ceylon Kitchen [Facebook]
  3. Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes [Facebook]
  4. Tiki Taco [Facebook]
  5. All Thingz Nice [Facebook]
  6. Five R’s Pinoy Food [Facebook
  7. Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms [Facebook]
  8. Berry Culture [Facebook] Open in summer
  9. Mama Kays [Facebook]
  10. Herba Gourmet [Facebook]
  11. The Whole Hog [Facebook]
  12. Tommy Taco [Facebook]
  13. American Delight
  14. Fritzs Wieners
  15. Roadrunner Mobile Food [Facebook]
  16. Malaysia Delights Street Food [Facebook]
  17. Yanni’s a Bite of Yumminess [Facebook]
  18. Soul Food Trailer [Facebook]
  19. Kettle Korn Christchurch [Facebook]
  20. Coffee Vice [Facebook]
  21. El Quincho NZ [FacebookArgentinian BBQ – Wood Fired Food
  22. Coffee A la Cart [Facebook]
  23. Hunger & Thirst Mobile Cafe [Facebook]
  24. Nanny’s Food Truck [Facebook]
  25. Liberty Dogs [Facebook]
  26. Waffle Mania [Facebook]
  27. Gelatiamo [Facebook]
  28. World Cuisine [Facebook]
  29. Empire Chicken [Facebook]
  30. Berry Healthy Real Fruit Ice Cream
  31. Crepes Creation [Facebook]
  32. Lil Orbits Canterbury Ltd [Facebook]

Your Thoughts?

What do you think? Which one is your favourite? Have I missed one? Have your say in the comments below